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Slang Words and Phrases We Learned in 2014

2015 is here which means a new set of ridiculous words and phrases are about to role out. This also means that some words and phrases will soon become a distant memory..but before this happens we must pay tribute to the made up phrases all of us were using in 2014.
Definitions provided by urban dictionary..

1) Bae
Definition: […]

Worldstar Vidoes and Violence

“WORLD STAR!!!!” Those are pretty much the two words you are guaranteed to hear when somebody is getting their face bashed in on video…This is the mindset of today’s youth when something terrible is happening in front of them. Rather then try to stop or control a violent situation, most of today’s youth reach for their […]

Justin Bieber’s deposition video proves he needs to grow up.

This isn’t really hip hop news but Justin Bieber’s behavior has been out of control recently , and I cant help but wonder if this behavior can be traced to the rappers that he associates with.  TMZ has recently released a video deposition of Bieber regarding an incident where Bieber allegedly  ordered a body guard to attack a photographer. Through […]

Is Marijuana Here to Stay in Hip Hop?

Over the past couple of decades Marijuana has pretty much solidified itself as the drug of choice for the hiphop Industry. With the popularity of social media today, rappers have taken to the internet with pictures and videos to flaunt their marijuana use more then ever. It has gotten to the point that rappers such as, Wiz Khalifa and […]

Rappers and the DUI Trap.

Lets set the scene here.. It’s 3am and you have just left an album release party on south beach for a fellow rapper signed to your same record label. The valet pulls up in your  $400,000 brand new Lamborghini and you hop in the drivers seat. It is at this point that you realize you are completely inebriated and are in no […]

Beyonce Surprise Album.Genuis or Risky?

Happy new year readers!!! By now we have all heard the new Beyoncé album that was surprisingly released on December 13 of last year via ITunes. This article is not about the album itself but more about how it was released. It has been said that in order for this album to be released in […]

Thoughts on the : Kanye West vs.Sway in the morning.

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Well it looks like Kanye West has taken it too far once again. Not too long ago Kanye West blessed the XM radio airways with a 20 minute rant for the ages. If you don’t have the time to watch 20 minutes of Kanye exploding here are a few quotes from the Interview.
-“My demo is the […]

Hip Hop “Sellouts”: Is it really selling out or selling in?

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When it comes to making music, a majority of artists spend their time working hard to some day sign a fat recording contract with a major record label. For most musical artists a big record deal is a dream come true but for many fans of hip hop these artists (rappers) are viewed as “sellouts”.
A […]

Twerking Videos and Society.

Well this isn’t exactly about hip hop but it is a subject that should be addressed. Twerking has taken the nation by storm and it seems like you cant go on the internet without seeing somebody shaking their booty across your screen. This way of “dancing” has caught so much momentum that it has worked its way […]

Kendrick Lamar’s Controls Verse Sparks Controversy

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Ever since hip hop has come on to the scene there has always been beef between artists in the industry. Whether it was Biggie vs. Tupac or Eminem vs. Nick Cannon (lol) , and in this instance  Kendrick vs. the biggest names in hip hop. I’m sure you all know this but it all started with the 3 […]