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Fans Getting Thrown Off Stage.

For whatever reason there’s a certain type fan that attends concerts that insists on jumping on stage in the middle of a performance. Not only are these fans completely selfish for ruining the concert experience for everyone else that payed to see their favorite rapper,but they are clearly unaware of the pain that they’re about to […]

Is Kanye West the Funniest Celebrity on Social Media?

Over the past few years Kanye West has been providing social media with comedic gold. Whether it’s going off on Sway in the morning or interrupting Taylor swift in the middle of her acceptance speech, Kanye continues to be one of the funniest celebrities on social media and in pop culture as a whole. So […]

The Interesting History of Rick Ross

Through the years Rick Ross has been one of south Florida’s most well known and somewhat respected rappers. He has released successful albums and is the founder of the Maybach Music Group record label. Ross has also had some career blunders that are worthy of discussion…I present to you, Rick Ross’s Through the Years (In no […]