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Slang Words and Phrases We Learned in 2014

2015 is here which means a new set of ridiculous words and phrases are about to role out. This also means that some words and phrases will soon become a distant memory..but before this happens we must pay tribute to the made up phrases all of us were using in 2014.
Definitions provided by urban dictionary..

1) Bae
Definition: […]

The Interesting History of Rick Ross

Through the years Rick Ross has been one of south Florida’s most well known and somewhat respected rappers. He has released successful albums and is the founder of the Maybach Music Group record label. Ross has also had some career blunders that are worthy of discussion…I present to you, Rick Ross’s Through the Years (In no […]

Worldstar Vidoes and Violence

“WORLD STAR!!!!” Those are pretty much the two words you are guaranteed to hear when somebody is getting their face bashed in on video…This is the mindset of today’s youth when something terrible is happening in front of them. Rather then try to stop or control a violent situation, most of today’s youth reach for their […]

Is Kobe Bryant a Poison to the Lakers?

So last night the LA Lakers some how managed to beat the (23-3) Golden State Warriors. This win came as a surprise to most people due to the fact that the Lakers are off to a terrible (8-19) start this season, also because Kobe was taking this game off to “rest”.The box score of this […]

Rajon Rondo Highlights In GIFs

By now the news has come down that Rajon Rondo has officially been traded to the Dallas Mavericks. With the Mavericks already a legitimate contender in the western conference, the addition of Rondo could potentially make them a favor to win it all. Throughout Rondo’s career he has been known for being one of the […]

Move That Dope out of Hip Hop

Young nigga move that dope, aye move that dope! Pretty catchy right? It is songs like this that really make me question the quality of hip hop that the mainstream is listening to. It is almost as if listeners are not fully aware of the lyrics that are being spoken. I understand that the drug […]

VIDEO: Spitta Andretti : Stove Top

Yesterday June 23th, chill rapper Curren$y dropped the video for “Stove Top” off of the Drive in Theater mixtape.  This low budget video is a perfect representation of Spitta’s style and swag within hip hop. With Spitta being from New Orleans , the jazz setting and sound to ‘Stove Top’ makes for a  great video. […]

Has ESPN already destroyed Johnny Manziels career?

So it looks like the day has finally come… Johnny “Football” Manziel has made it to the NFL draft and was selected by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd overall pick. Now we can finally expect to see ESPN switch back to talking about the rest of the sports world…or can we. For the past […]

Album Review: Pinata by. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Put together high quality story telling with high quality production and the end result is Cocaine Pinata.  Rapper Freddie Gibbs,  and well known producer Madlib make for a deadly combination on Pinata  that all true hip hop fans can appreciate. Most Freddie Gibbs fans are used to hearing the cut throat hard hitting style of rap that […]

Justin Bieber’s deposition video proves he needs to grow up.

This isn’t really hip hop news but Justin Bieber’s behavior has been out of control recently , and I cant help but wonder if this behavior can be traced to the rappers that he associates with.  TMZ has recently released a video deposition of Bieber regarding an incident where Bieber allegedly  ordered a body guard to attack a photographer. Through […]