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Dirk Nowitzki sends Raymond Felton to prison with game winner.

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Knicks…Yesterday point guard Raymond Felton was charged with three offenses regarding an illegal firearm, with one charge that could potentially carry a sentence of three years in prison.  The firearm was turned in to a New York police station by Felton’s wife […]

Is Marijuana Here to Stay in Hip Hop?

Over the past couple of decades Marijuana has pretty much solidified itself as the drug of choice for the hiphop Industry. With the popularity of social media today, rappers have taken to the internet with pictures and videos to flaunt their marijuana use more then ever. It has gotten to the point that rappers such as, Wiz Khalifa and […]

Rappers and the DUI Trap.

Lets set the scene here.. It’s 3am and you have just left an album release party on south beach for a fellow rapper signed to your same record label. The valet pulls up in your  $400,000 brand new Lamborghini and you hop in the drivers seat. It is at this point that you realize you are completely inebriated and are in no […]

VIDEO: (Throwback Thursday!!!) Head Bussa by. Lil Scrappy ft. Lil Jon

If you were listening  to hip hop in the early  2000s then you most definitely were familiar with Lil Scrappy and Lil Jon.  Head Bussa was a song by Lil Scrappy that pretty much put him on the map and I bet you would have never guessed that this song came out 11 years ago. […]

ALBUM REVIEW: My Own Lane By. Kid Ink

California rapper Kid Ink is back with his album “My Own Lane” released under  RCA records. With this being his  first studio album under a major record label  Kid Ink is looking to make a statement to start off 2014. Kid Ink  does not fit the mold of the typical rapper but he still manages to deliver music that fans […]

Beyonce Surprise Album.Genuis or Risky?

Happy new year readers!!! By now we have all heard the new Beyoncé album that was surprisingly released on December 13 of last year via ITunes. This article is not about the album itself but more about how it was released. It has been said that in order for this album to be released in […]

Mixtape Review: The Soul Tape 3 By. Fabolous

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Fabolous, a verteran of the rap game is back once again with his 3rd installment of The Soul Tape . It has been over a year since Fabolous dropped Soul Tape 2, but he has come back strong with a few big name features.  Fabolous has been up and down through his career but with this […]

VIDEO: (A video you may have missed) The Hard By. Freddie Gibbs

Have time for a short 5 minute movie?  Rather then creating a video with money flying everywhere and fast cars, Gibbs manages to break the mold and bring us a video that tells a s tory of the streets. It is artists like Freddie Gibbs and videos like this that keeps hope alive for hip hop.  ESGN.  

Thoughts on the : Kanye West vs.Sway in the morning.

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Well it looks like Kanye West has taken it too far once again. Not too long ago Kanye West blessed the XM radio airways with a 20 minute rant for the ages. If you don’t have the time to watch 20 minutes of Kanye exploding here are a few quotes from the Interview.
-“My demo is the […]

VIDEO: (A video you may have missed.) Angelina’s Beemer By. Pheo x Cashius Green

Todays video is a video that you have most likely missed.  Pheo and Cashius Green are two artisits that I have been following over the past couple of years that have a unique sound.  Both of these artists are at a point in their careers that they still that have young raw talent that seperates them from the mainstream sound. Cashius […]