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Hip Hop “Sellouts”: Is it really selling out or selling in?

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When it comes to making music, a majority of artists spend their time working hard to some day sign a fat recording contract with a major record label. For most musical artists a big record deal is a dream come true but for many fans of hip hop these artists (rappers) are viewed as “sellouts”.
A […]

VIDEO: “Hold On” Pusha-T ft. Rick Ross

This week Pusha-T debuted  the video for “Hold on-ft. Rick Ross” off of his first solo album My Name Is My Name.  Pusha-T was inspired to title his first album “My Name Is My Name” by the hit HBO drama The Wire, which is based on the war on drugs in Baltimore. This video looks like a […]

Twerking Videos and Society.

Well this isn’t exactly about hip hop but it is a subject that should be addressed. Twerking has taken the nation by storm and it seems like you cant go on the internet without seeing somebody shaking their booty across your screen. This way of “dancing” has caught so much momentum that it has worked its way […]

Mixtape Review: The Stage. By.Curren$y and Smoke DZA


Curren$y and Smoke DZA have come together once again on a short 4 track mixtape produced by Harry Fraud . With similar styles of rapping they manage to mesh together very nicely on tracks that paint a vivid picture of the extravagant drug lifestyle and their feelings of the rap game.
Mixtape Link: THE STAGE
#1. First […]

Kendrick Lamar’s Controls Verse Sparks Controversy

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Ever since hip hop has come on to the scene there has always been beef between artists in the industry. Whether it was Biggie vs. Tupac or Eminem vs. Nick Cannon (lol) , and in this instance  Kendrick vs. the biggest names in hip hop. I’m sure you all know this but it all started with the 3 […]

Mixtape Review: OKE By. The Game

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When it comes to gangster rap The Game is an artist that has always managed to keep it alive. Regardless of the track that he is rapping on you can clearly tell he once lived a much darker life. The cut throat approach that he has taken on all  his other albums and mixtapes has […]

Mixtape Review : “The spring up” By: G.Hillyer

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BY: G. Hillyer
It’s still unclear to me how many people know who Shad is. I’ve felt for years that he’s one of the best rappers out there, and whenever I go to search for new Shad music it seems to be easily accessible and steadily viewed/listened to, so I figure he must be popular in […]

Miley Cyrus disrepects Michael Jordan

Well it seems like you cant go on the internet without hearing something about Miley Cyrus. As of recently this twerking trend has taken over her whole image and she has decided to try her hand at rapping. Through all the years that I have been listening to hip hop I have never known of an artist that has […]

Who Im Listening To: Melo-X

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We are living  in a time where Electronic, House,  and Techno music are more popular then ever before. DJs are being paid tons of money and everything mainstream seems to have an electronic feel to it. For the most part I enjoy the sudden popularity of house music and really hope that it doesn’t get too out of hand.  Being […]

The Hip Hop Mixtape Lifestyle.

Like free music? Of course you do! With that said I have to say that mixtapes are the best thing to ever to ever happen to hip hop. If you have a favorite rapper, chances are they have a mixtape out on the internet and its free. Mixtapes are exactly what the fans look forward […]