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Radio Hip-hop and Why it Sucks

The radio has to be the worst source of music for anybody that listens to hiphop. Hiphop/Rap is known for being a raw expression of an artists emotions,creativity and style. The radio literally tears down every aspect of talent that the artist may have had, in many different ways. First, the radio must follow rules […]

Molly and the Industry.

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Pop A Molly I’m Sweatin!!! Wooh!!-Trinidad James…Well just when you thought hard drugs in hip-hop was starting to fade away, it comes back and punches us right in the brain cells with MOLLY. New artists Trinidad James and Cheef Keef along with many others are fresh on the seen with their questionable rap lyrics that […]

What to Expect From the Hip-Hop Experience

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Music is said to be the universal language. Not only is it the universal language but it is also the universal influence. Through the years music has more influence over your life then you may actually realize. It in part effects the friends that we allow in our circles, the way that we dress, the […]