Album Review: Pinata by. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Freddie Gibbs pinata review



Put together high quality story telling with high quality production and the end result is Cocaine Pinata.  Rapper Freddie Gibbs,  and well known producer Madlib make for a deadly combination on Pinata  that all true hip hop fans can appreciate. Most Freddie Gibbs fans are used to hearing the cut throat hard hitting style of rap that was delivered on BFK and ESGN, but Pinata delivers a much different kind of sound. The best term to describe the tone of this album would be “controlled”. As you ride through the tracks it almost seems as if all of the tracks blend together, yet still have enough diversity to separate them selves. The tracks flow together so nicely and there’s never a point in the album that listeners will feel as if the pace has lost that “control”.


What seperates Freddie Gibbs from other well known rappers is the fact that he never separated himself from the streets. A track like “Harolds”  tells a story of a simpler life with topics ranging from a plate of chicken to weed crumbs. Then theres “UNO” which will most definitely become a Gibbs classic. UNO delivers a timeless message of how Gibbs as rapper is more concerned with being real and true to himself than about record sales. “Broken”—“Keep the heat because I was going through a cold phase, promise ive seen everything but old age” As a Gibbs fan it is lines like this that allows me to respect  Freddie Gibbs’s as an artist,  because you know the lyrics are coming from a place of real struggle that most people have never experienced.  “Deeper” is also a major highlight of this album and does an excellent job of solidifying the tone of album. Then there is the “Pinata” the final track of the album.  “Pinata” is a 7 minute track with only one verse from Gibbs but there are 6 solid features from some talented up and coming artists( Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko & Mac Miller).


Cocaine Pinata is not the type of album that you buy to hear catchy club songs, romantic slowjams, or big name features. This is the type of album that you listen to get a true feeling of the streets from a man that has lived it first hand. If you are looking for a solid modern day gangster rap album this is the one…


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