Move That Dope out of Hip Hop


Young nigga move that dope, aye move that dope! Pretty catchy right? It is songs like this that really make me question the quality of hip hop that the mainstream is listening to. It is almost as if listeners are not fully aware of the lyrics that are being spoken. I understand that the drug trade has always been glorified in hip hop but “Move That Dope” takes it to a new level. Moving that dope is nothing to be glorified and as listeners we need to “Move That Dope” out of hip hop.

Move That Dope

As hip hop continues to gain popularity it seems as if the message behind the lyrics are only getting worse. The saddest part about songs like this gaining so much traction is that we are the ones to blame. Take a look at the artists most popular today ; Future, Migos, Young Thug etc.  Now think about all the great artists that are fading into the background; Common, Nas, Kid Cudi , etc. If you were to sit down and have a conversation with Nas or Common about the lyrics to “Move That Dope” , I can almost guarantee that they would not condone any of this terrible lyrical content.

Songs like this are not only delivering the wrong message to young impressionable listeners  but is also further condoning current dope dealers to not change their way of life. So do yourself and hip hop a favor by not listening to “move that dope”

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