Fans Getting Thrown Off Stage.

fans thrown off stage

For whatever reason there’s a certain type fan that attends concerts that insists on jumping on stage in the middle of a performance. Not only are these fans completely selfish for ruining the concert experience for everyone else that payed to see their favorite rapper,but they are clearly unaware of the pain that they’re about to experience. Over the past year there have been a number of incidences where fans made the poor decision of rushing the stage and things did not end well for most  of them. If you learn anything from the article it should be…. do not ever rush the stage.

This first incident happened at SXSW during a Run the Jewels performance. It’s one thing to get on stage and try to dance or sing with the rapper but its another when you put hands on the performer. This fan ended up with a couple punches to the jaw and kicks to the chest.


Then there was the infamous Afroman slap. There is no excuse for putting your hands on a woman, but as fan you really need to just stay in the audience with the rest of the fans.


Earlier this month this fan jumped on stage with Plies but i don’t think this ended too well for Plies or the fan


Last, there’s this guy that didnt last more than five seconds on stage with Action Bronson.


At the end of the day it’s never a good idea to get on stage uninvited, as you can tell from these videos rappers can be straight savage. If you happen to be one of these reckless fans I highly recommend you save yourself the pain and chill in the crowd with the everybody else.

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