The Interesting History of Rick Ross

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Through the years Rick Ross has been one of south Florida’s most well known and somewhat respected rappers. He has released successful albums and is the founder of the Maybach Music Group record label. Ross has also had some career blunders that are worthy of discussion…I present to you, Rick Ross’s Through the Years (In no particular order).

1) “Remember that time i was a corrections officer?” Yup this gangster rapper was once a corrections officer.
rick ross corrections officer


2) “Shout out to all the pears!” Rick Ross recently lost over 100 pounds and he attributes part of his weight loss to eating more pears.


3) “Remember when i got the Miami Heat logo tattooed on my face?” Yup this happened in early 2015. I guess hes a pretty loyal fan…or is he?

image via: instagram: @unroyal_ink

4) “Remember that time i wore a Boston Celtics Jersey in a music video?” It’s kind of funny that this is the same guy who went on to get the Miami Heat logo tattooed on his face…

5) “Remember that time i wrote lyrics promoting date rape?” Yup, this happened and he was later dropped by Reebok due to these lyrics.

rick-ross rape lyrics

This is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to Rick Ross controversy and I am sure we’re all looking forward to what else he has in store for us in 2015.

Whats your favorite Rick Ross moment?


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