Is Kobe Bryant a Poison to the Lakers?

kobe bryant detriment

So last night the LA Lakers some how managed to beat the (23-3) Golden State Warriors. This win came as a surprise to most people due to the fact that the Lakers are off to a terrible (8-19) start this season, also because Kobe was taking this game off to “rest”.The box score of this game is very telling as to how the Lakers managed to snag a win. Check it out below

LA Lakers Box score


So when you look at this box score , notice that seven (yes, seven!) different Laker players scored in double digits and nobody shot more than 13 shots. It’s amazing the things that can happen when the ball doesn’t stick in one place..but terrible when it does. Below is a real stat line for a game that Kobe put up against the Phoenix Suns this season.

Kobe Bryant Stat Line


37 shots…..37…… This has to be one of the most selfish stat lines I have ever seen. To play like this means that you literally ignore the rest of your teammates on the floor. It’s no wonder why no big name free agents wanted to join kobe in LA this season.

Now I understand that this is just one game and you cant jump to conclusions with such a small sample size, but with a win like this over the Warriors it really makes you wonder..At this point in his career, is Kobe starting to become a detriment to his teams success? Is he a poison?


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