Is Rajon Rondo a Good Fit for the Lakers?

Rajon Rondo Lakers

Now that the Mavericks have been eliminated from the playoffs, many basketball fans are wondering,what’s next for Rondo? To put things lightly , Rondo’s short stay with the Mavericks did not go as planned and it is safe to say that he will not be resigning with them next season. Plenty of rumors have been floating around about Rondo’s next potential team and the Lakers continues to come up , but are they the ideal fit?

This season the Lakers had an abysmal 21-61 record with very few things to look forward to going into next season besides an early draft pick and the return of Julius Randle. Kobe Bryant only played in 35 games and he still believes that taking a ridiculous amount of shots per game will lead his team to the promise land. All of this may seem like there is no hope for the Lakers but the addition of Rajon Rondo could potentially change everything.

Rajon Rondo is the type of player that must have the the ball in his hands in order to be an effect pass-first point guard. If you look at his time in Boston his three targets for assists were Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. Looking at his short stay in Dallas,he was surrounded with some great shooters but with Monte Ellis already on the team he was not the primary ball handler.

The Lakers current roster it is lacking any type of  shooting talent even close to the levels of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Thankfully, sharp shooters generally run pretty cheap in free agency and if the Lakers can load up their roster with a few it could be the perfect fit for Rondo. Then there’s the whole Kobe thing. In order for this Rondo experiment to work Kobe needs to let Rondo dictate the offense.

Rondo moving to the Lakers is just a rumor but with some smart moves in free agency the Lakers could be an ideal fit.

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