Justin Bieber’s deposition video proves he needs to grow up.

This isn’t really hip hop news but Justin Bieber’s behavior has been out of control recently , and I cant help but wonder if this behavior can be traced to the rappers that he associates with.  TMZ has recently released a video deposition of Bieber regarding an incident where Bieber allegedly  ordered a body guard to attack a photographer. Through out the video  Bieber shows no respect for the lawyer questioning him and continues to let off a immature arrogant attitude. See if you can contain your anger and check out the video below.


Now the question that most people are asking is, “Why is Justin Bieber acting like this?” Well if we take a look back at Beiber’s 2013-2014 career you can see the progression (or digression) of the people that Bierber is seen hanging out with could be to blame.  Suspect #1- Lil Twist. In January of 2013 Bieber is photographed smoking marijuana with Lil twist in a hotel room. On July 2013 rapper li twist is arrested for DUI while driving one of Berber’s Ferraris. Suspect #2- Lil Za. The most famous incident to date was the raid of Bieber’s mansion in January 2014. This raid resulted in rapper Lil Za facing 2 felony cocaine charges and the police stated that the cocaine was “in plain view” during the raid. Even though Bieber may not realize it , these “friends” that he is hanging out are an obvious bad influence. Luckily for Beiber he is a white pop superstar so the rules of the game are a little different for him when it comes to breaking the law but it really is only a matter of time before he finds himself in a situation that not even Mark O’Mara can get him out of. Bieber needs to stop hanging out with these rappers and GROW UP!!

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