Is Marijuana Here to Stay in Hip Hop?

marijuana hip hop


Over the past couple of decades Marijuana has pretty much solidified itself as the drug of choice for the hiphop Industry. With the popularity of social media today, rappers have taken to the internet with pictures and videos to flaunt their marijuana use more then ever. It has gotten to the point that rappers such as, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg have made lyrical careers based around the use of this drug.

The question that I would like to address here is; what would happen to Marijuana and Hiphop if it were to be completely legalized around the country? To answer this question we first to need to look at how it started. A major part of what makes hip hop so special is that it can sometimes be seen as being rebellious music. When listening we are taken on journey through a life of violence and struggle that most of us have never experienced. The use of marijuana is an aspect of hip hop that separates it other forms of music in order to maintain the rebellious image. With that said , If Marijuana is to be legalized I believe that many rappers would stop promoting marijuana due to the fact that is legal and the general public has easy access to it.

Unfortunately if rappers do drop marijuana they will ultimately end up picking up a different illegal drug, and the cruel cycle of drug use will continue. If you pay close attention to hip hop today you can see the drug Molly is slowly gaining popularity. So at the end of the day legalized marijuana may cut back on crime for the nation but may result in deadlier drug use in hip hop. How can we fix this?…..

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