Mixtape Review: Pronto (EP), by Freddie Gibbs

freddie gibbs pronto review

Gangsta Gibbs is at it again! Its been quite some time since we last heard something new from Freddie Gibbs.This month Gibbs dropped a new 3 track EP titled Pronto that reminds us all why Gibbs is one of the best rappers in the game today.The sound to this EP is very reminiscent to that of his BFK mixtape, but still manages to create a unique sound of it’s own. The first track “Pronto” is smooth with a hook that will stick in your head for days. “Diamonds” and “White Range” have a slower relaxed vibe to them, making for perfect songs to kick back and relax to. I’m sure many people were expecting a 2015 Freddie Gibbs EP to be a little more cut throat and aggressive but it was a nice surprise for Gibbs to scale thing back a bit. If his next album anything like this EP then we are surely in for another Gangsta Gibbs classic.

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