Mixtape Review: The Stage. By.Curren$y and Smoke DZA


Curren$y and Smoke DZA have come together once again on a short 4 track mixtape produced by Harry Fraud . With similar styles of rapping they manage to mesh together very nicely on tracks that paint a vivid picture of the extravagant drug lifestyle and their feelings of the rap game.

Mixtape Link: THE STAGE


#1. First light – As the opening track to the mixtape this song has a very nice sound to it. Curren$y’s first verse  delivers exactly what you would expect to hear from him and is a verse that all of his fans can appreciate. Smoke DZA comes in on the 2nd verse with a much more aggressive flow that offsets curren$y’s verse, making for a very  lyrical track. The beat has a throwback 70s feel to it, which is a very common occurrence on Curren$y Mixtapes.

#2 Gifts- Smoke DZA opens this track with  a surprisingly short verse but it does manage to fit the beat nicely. Curren$y’s verse overshadows DZAs and once again tells a story about a life of drugs that goes beyond the street corners.

#3 Thursday Car-   This is a very complete track with solid verses, a nice hook and a simple beat. DZA opens with a  “stop…..go” flow that we are not used hearing from him. This “stop…go” (pausing between sentences) goes well with the beat and is nice to hear from DZA. Curren$y delivers a safe verse  but DZA clearly had the spotlight on this track.

#4. 10 Bricks (ft. French Montana and Big Krit)- As the last track of the mixtape I can appreciate Curren$y and DZA allowing for a couple features. I do not think French Montana was the best choice of feature but it was not a deal breaker for this song.  Big Krit delivers an effective hook that was kind of unexpected. Curren$y spits a fairly routine verse but, DZA on the other hand brings a well put together verse to the table.


Even though this mixtape was very short, it is great to hear a collaboration of 2 similarly talented artists. I have a feeling that there will be more from these 2 in the near future….

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