Molly and the Industry.


Pop A Molly I’m Sweatin!!! Wooh!!-Trinidad James…Well just when you thought hard drugs in hip-hop was starting to fade away, it comes back and punches us right in the brain cells with MOLLY. New artists Trinidad James and Cheef Keef along with many others are fresh on the seen with their questionable rap lyrics that openly promote molly use. In case you don’t know what molly is let me educate you. A major reason why this drug is so openly spoken about is simply because of the science behind the drug. MDMA is a drug that is found in most ecstasy pills along with a bunch of other dangerous stuff that doesn’t belong in your body. Instead of this drug (MDMA) being cut with other things it is pressed into it’s purest form, thus making it somewhat “safer”. My main concern about molly is that it will become a lifestyle for many hip hop artists similar to those that regularly smoke marijuana, which will ultimately lead to more deaths not only from overdosing but also the drug trade. I am not trying to sound like a party pooper or a killjoy. Just trying to tell you all to be careful because one day you might Pop A Molly and Sweat your way into the ER or rap about rape like our good friend Rick Ross- “Put molly in all in her champagne, she aint even know it /took her home and I enjoy that, she aint even know it”. Rappers cant forget that their lyrics reach a large audience, this is not a message that should be sent to the masses.

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