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Like free music? Of course you do! With that said I have to say that mixtapes are the best thing to ever to ever happen to hip hop. If you have a favorite rapper, chances are they have a mixtape out on the internet and its free. Mixtapes are exactly what the fans look forward to hearing because in some cases mixtapes are actually better then albums. There is always less pressure to release a mixtape then an actual album so artists release tracks that they think sounds good, not what the label wants you to release and this results in music the fans can truly enjoy. The reason I call it a lifestyle is because many artists live off of mixtapes. One of my favorite rappers Curren$y has released around 20 mixtapes and less than 5 albums. Most of Curren$y’s best songs came off of mixtapes and those are the songs that fans look forward to hearing at concerts. So in a sense mixtapes are used as “song testers” for concerts so artists know what to perform and can make their money because we all know nobody pays for albums anymore.

Lastly mixtapes give unknown artists a chance to be discovered and to create a nice fan base. If you were to ask me who i was listening to in 2 weeks chances are it will be somebody i have just discovered through a mixtape search.

Check out this mixtape by Curren$y (below) its one of his best

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