What to Expect From the Hip-Hop Experience


Music is said to be the universal language. Not only is it the universal language but it is also the universal influence. Through the years music has more influence over your life then you may actually realize. It in part effects the friends that we allow in our circles, the way that we dress, the way that we speak, our lifestyles, society’s judgment/presumptions, and the list goes on. In this blog I want to express my opinions and insights on every aspect of this music that we call Hip-Hop. I am hoping my taste in music and views on the Hip-Hop culture as a whole will be enough for you to walk away from this blog with a new view on music and hopefully on life…enjoy. TH-HE


    • Thanks for following! Your blog does seem similar to mine. I’m always looking to hear new perspectives and to learn new things about the hip hop scene, so I look forward to your perspectives.

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