Worldstar Vidoes and Violence

“WORLD STAR!!!!” Those are pretty much the two words you are guaranteed to hear when somebody is getting their face bashed in on video…This is the mindset of today’s youth when something terrible is happening in front of them. Rather then try to stop or control a violent situation, most of today’s youth reach for their phones in the hopes of their video making it onto the website The image below perfectly demonstrates the mindset of today’s youth.

people now adays
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As social media continues to grow the demand for viral content will also continues to grow. This the reason why everyone is so quick to be a witness to violence instead of being a solution. Unfortunately greed can also be blamed for filmed violence. What most people do not realize is that by providing Worldstarhiphop with all of this site traffic is increasing their ad revenue and worldstar is laughing all the way to the bank. Yes, it is terrible that worldstar continues to accept these violent video submissions but as a society we need to stop submitting…At the end of the day you never know when you might be the one getting your ass beat crying for help and all you get in response is “WORLD STAR!!!!”

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